The Data Thing

Everyone’s mailbox is clogged these days with messages sent by absolutely every entity we ever were in contact with. That’s because the European authorities released some small print nobody really understands. To avoid trouble we all need to assert that we are the good guys. We are the ones who do neither collect nor sell data (it’s true, as far as I am concerned). It seems that we risk being sued by ruthless lawyers during hate week if we do not send such statements to just about everyone we ever were in contact with. Done.
The only data I collect are the email addresses of people who subscribed to my site at one point. I do not share these with anyone, not for free, not for money, not for candy, and not for sex. The addresses I collected are kept in a locked ebony casket; the gilded key for this is well hidden in a vault known only to me. If you should wish your address to be removed from my collection, just click the unsubscribe link that should be somewhere down there; if it isn’t send me a teeny weeny email and my staff will get out the erasers immediately.
Once you’re at it you may also consider to get rid of your telescreens and to drop your social media accounts in the memory hole.
I am sending best wishes to all of you from Shanghai where I am working for some months on a new project, fingerprinted, under constant video surveillance, and with very limited internet access. (It’s not called work by the way; if I’d call it work I might be back home much sooner than expected.) Stay tuned and you’ll learn about the results one day. My site is the only place where you find regular updates about my work by the way.
Facebook site deleted? Yes. Facebook account deleted? Yes.
Have a nice day. Skip hate week.