Tausend Himmel

The pictures in Tausend Himmel (Thousand Skies or Thousand Heavens) are a small selection from a vast collection. At first glance they appear to be photographs of clouds, of the sky, and of helicopters. In fact, they are photographs of sounds – the sounds of helicopters. I took them to help me deal with a hearing condition called hyperacusis. After more than a year and two thousand photographs later, I had nearly stopped noticing why I started taking them. I guess, in this way, the exercise could be considered a complete success.
The book was published to co-incide with a presentation of Tausend Himmel, a multi-channel digital photo installation, as part of the exhibition Joachim Schmid. Selected Photoworks 1982–2007 at The Photographers’ Gallery.
2007 by Photographers’ Gallery, London
offset, colour
10.5 x 14 cm, 64 pages
softcover, perfect bound
1,000 copies
ISBN 9780907879794