Black Books and White Books

I would like to introduce two more collections of books that follow on from my recent work Other People’s Photographs. The project began in 2008 and continues to the present day. It is published as a series of books with grey covers, printed on demand, numbered and signed. These grey books are obtained only through my website. The second and third collections of books will have either black or white covers and focus on my past works as well as new compilations of other people’s images.
The white books feature artworks I have made over the course of my career. They are catalogues of projects that have not previously been available as books or are new versions of out of print books.
The first four white books are now available: Arcana, Cyberspaces, Faits divers, and Reload.
Similar to the series Other People’s Photographs, the black books are concerned with finding patterns within the behaviour of photography. Here, though I have begun focusing on the repetition of word, rather than the repetition of image. These are books about photography but from a more “light-hearted” perspective.
The first book of this series is now available: When Boredom Strikes. In stark contrast to the title this book isn’t boring at all, but very revealing and often hilarious.
Both the white books and the black books are printed on demand. They are neither numbered nor signed.