April 1986 (1986/2016)

Something was coming upon us. You couldn’t see it, you couldn’t hear it, you couldn’t taste it, you couldn’t smell it. Yet anyone following the news could feel the end of the world moving closer. Feeling helpless, I tried to produce an image of the imperceptible. I photographed the grey sky over Berlin, full of threat. In view to the east, the uncanny, something no wall could stop. But I was a bit careless in developing the film. So in the images you can see what you couldn’t see in the sky. One mistake made the other one visible.
Four pigment ink prints, 30 x 40 cm each, edition of 3 copies + 1 AP
(Originally made as a one-of-a-kind artist book the work was revised and completed with a new text on the occasion of the incident’s thirtieth anniversary.)