She looks better in pictures

Taking a snapshot used to be a casual but somehow meaningful act. Yet today, the omnipresent smartphones have turned it into a completely insignificant act. Snapshots are no longer made as references for future memory but are made for the moment only to be immediately replaced by the next, never to be looked at again. Scenic landscapes, historic towns, even works of art are mere stage sets for selfies and social media influencers. She looks better in pictures is a reflection on the work of art in the age of Instagram. It presents photographs made in front of the Louvre’s most popular attraction: the painting known as La Gioconda or Mona Lisa.  
digital print, color
21 x 21 cm, 720 pages
hardcover, sewn
25 copies
160 €


A box containing rare and out-of-print books and ephemera including Erste allgemeine Altfotosammlung (1991) with a copy of the original flyer, Art Addicts Anonymous (1993), Bilder von der Straße (1994), Kunst gegen Essen (1996), Very Miscellaneous (1997), Sinterklaas ziet alles (1998), The Face in the Desert (1999), Alexander Honory. The Private Institute of Contemporary Family Photography / Joachim Schmid. The Institute for the Reprocessing of Used Photographs (2001), Traballos Fotográficos 1982–2002 (2002), A meeting on holiday (2004), Belo Horizonte, Praça Rui Barbosa (2004), Retratos decisivos (2005), Tausend Himmel (2007), the set of thirteen ABC Cards (2010), Illustriertes Tierleben (2010), a special, deliberately misprinted edition of The Coach House / An Inventory (2011), Ohne Worte (2013) plus a copy of Schmid Books, a comprehensive catalogue of all my publications since 1982.
33 x 25 x 11 cm
20 copies
480 €

Ohne Worte

Dieses Büchlein versammelt zwanzig Bildwitze über Kunst und Künstler, die ich vor Jahren zusammengetragen und aufgehoben habe, obwohl oder weil ihre Pointen so absehbar, redundant und dämlich sind, dass sich jedes weitere Wort über sie erübrigt.
digital print, b/w
14.8 x 10.5 cm, 24 pages
softcover, saddle-stitched
50 copies

Seventy-Five Are Better Than Thirty-Two

Millions of tourists travel to New York City every year. Many of them visit the Museum of Modern Art. Many of them take photographs inside the museum. Many of them show Andy Warhol‘s thirty-two pictures of Campbell‘s soup cans. Thousands of these snapshots are to be found on photo sharing sites. Seventy-five of them are collected in this book – works of art in the age of digital photography.
Nearly forty years after Warhol made his Mona Lisa paraphrase Thirty Are Better Than One he might well agree today that seventy-five are better than thirty-two.
print on demand, colour
18 x 18 cm, 160 pages
softcover, perfect bound
open edition / discontinued

Kunst gegen Essen

A concise reflection on art, economy, and food, published on the occasion of an exhibition which was held in an Italian restaurant in Berlin and for which I received payment in food and wine.
1996 by Edition Fricke & Schmid
offset, b/w
21 x 14.8, 16 pages + 9 separate colour reproductions
500 copies
ISBN 3 927365 31 9
8 €

AAA Boxed Set

Art Addicts Anonymous Collector’s Edition Boxed Set containing the AAA postcards and booklet, a set of twelve AAA stickers, a copy of the AAA poster (numbered and stamped), an AAA button, a set of AAA matchbooks, an AAA t-shirt, and an original internationally postmarked set of the complete 1992 AAA mailing.
44 x 33 x 4 cm
limited edition of 5 copies (numbered and stamped)

Art Addicts Anonymous

In keeping with the established format of 12-step programs, 12 different postcards with testimonials of former art addicts were sent anonymously from 12 different cities to approximately 100 art world figures (including artists, critics, and curators) and a number of museums, galleries, and art magazines in seventeen countries over the course of one year.
1993 by Edition Fricke & Schmid
offset, colour
12 postcards + a 16 page booklet, 14 x 9 cm each
500 copies
ISBN 3 927365 23 8
16 € (last copies)