R. Flick Collection (2017)

The R. Flick Collection is a sequel of the 1989 project Meisterwerke der Fotokunst. The series of twenty photographs draws on the ever-expanding pool of a popular photo hosting site and focuses on unknown works by award-winning photographers posted on that site.
Photographs by Robert Adams, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Richard Billingham, Sophie Calle, Rineke Dijkstra, William Eggleston, Joan Fontcuberta, Lee Friedlander, Anna Gaskell, Jim Goldberg, David Goldblatt, Nan Goldin, Paul Graham, Andreas Gursky, Cindy Sherman, Joel Sternfeld, John Stezaker, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jürgen Teller, Jeff Wall.
Twenty matted pigment ink prints (20 x 25 cm each) and a brochure with background information. Archival box, 22 x 27 x 6 cm, edition of 5 copies + 2 AP, numbered and signed.

The Mexicans will pay for this!

My work The Mexicans will pay for this billboard! is part of the Protest art festival, opening tomorrow in Berlin at 6pm.
On the occasion of the exhibition I published another version of the work, The Mexicans will pay for this poster! – it’s multiple, affordable and lasts longer than the billboard. The hand-printed linocut is available in my shop.

[logo] SUCKS

There are two kinds of things in the world, things that are ok and things that suck. Many of the things that suck are strictly speaking not really things. They are companies or services. It’s not a big surprise that many of these are related to the internet. These amorphous entities are the pillars of the digital universe. Amazon sucks, Facebook sucks, Google sucks, and so do all the other companies that infiltrated modern life and that seem to be so indispensable in present age. For the contemporaries who share the feeling that these things suck I made a set of prints. Each print is based on the logo of one of the entities that suck.
18 linocuts, hand-printed on 120 gr acid-free dorée paper, 29.5 x 21 cm each, stamped with archival ink, in a semi-archival box (31 x 22.5 x 3 cm).
Edition of 20 copies (+ 1 AP), 360 €


A box containing rare and out-of-print books and ephemera including Erste allgemeine Altfotosammlung (1991) with a copy of the original flyer, Art Addicts Anonymous (1993), Bilder von der Straße (1994), Kunst gegen Essen (1996), Very Miscellaneous (1997), Sinterklaas ziet alles (1998), The Face in the Desert (1999), Alexander Honory. The Private Institute of Contemporary Family Photography / Joachim Schmid. The Institute for the Reprocessing of Used Photographs (2001), Traballos Fotográficos 1982–2002 (2002), A meeting on holiday (2004), Belo Horizonte, Praça Rui Barbosa (2004), Retratos decisivos (2005), Tausend Himmel (2007), the set of thirteen ABC Cards (2010), Illustriertes Tierleben (2010), a special, deliberately misprinted edition of The Coach House / An Inventory (2011), Ohne Worte (2013) plus a copy of Schmid Books, a comprehensive catalogue of all my publications since 1982.
33 x 25 x 11 cm
20 copies
480 €


Made in 2005 as a part of the Marks of Honour collection, this project consists of a colour print, a text (in German) and a copy of Marshall McLuhan’s book The Medium Is the Massage (modern paperback edition, Gingko Press 2001), presented in an archival box.
27.5 x 22 x 3 cm
limited edition of 5 numbered and signed copies
250 €

AAA Boxed Set

Art Addicts Anonymous Collector’s Edition Boxed Set containing the AAA postcards and booklet, a set of twelve AAA stickers, a copy of the AAA poster (numbered and stamped), an AAA button, a set of AAA matchbooks, an AAA t-shirt, and an original internationally postmarked set of the complete 1992 AAA mailing.
44 x 33 x 4 cm
limited edition of 5 copies (numbered and stamped)


1a Fotos und andere Merkwürdigkeiten aus der Sammlung Joachim Schmid
1988 Edition Fricke & Schmid
paperbag with miscellaneous photographs
19 x 15 cm
15 copies, numbered


A magazine about photography
1982–1987, 24 issues
photocopy, b/w
29.7 x 21 cm, 20–60 pages
100–800 copies

Fotokritik Nr. 1—8
photocopy, b/w
29.7 x 21 cm, 160 pages
limited edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed

Fotokritik Nr. 24
photocopy, b/w + colour
29.7 x 21 cm, 28 pages
with a 12 x 9 cm b/w print
limited edition of 50 copies

Meisterwerke der Fotokunst (1989)

Meisterwerke der Fotokunst. Die Sammlung Fricke und Schmid. Zwanzig Originalreproduktionen unbekannter Werke bekannter Fotografen
Masterpieces of Photography. The Fricke and Schmid Collection. Twenty original reproductions of unknown works by well-known photographers
This collectors’ edition is an ironic comment on the accidential nature of photography. It consists of twenty “original reproductions” of anonymous photographs that were selected from a vast collection of fleamarket snapshots because of their striking resemblance to the works of well-known photographers. The photos’ titles and dates match the respective photographers’ œuvre. A short introduction attributed to photo historian Helmut Gernsheim corroborates the standing of the collection. The work was launched on the occasion of photography’s 150th anniversary (collaboration with Adib Fricke).
Photographs by Adolphe de Meyer, Edward Steichen, E.J. Bellocq, Hannah Höch, Eugène Atget, August Sander, Berenice Abbot, Man Ray, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, René Magritte, Ralph Gibson, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Gisèle Freund, Harry Callahan, David Hockney, Duane Michals, William Wegman, Helmut Newton, Cindy Sherman.
Twenty matted photographs in a slipcase, 25.5 x 20.5 x 4.5 cm, edition of 20 + V copies